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What is your talent? What could you do to give back to God’s kingdom? You may not think you have anything to offer, thats where you are wrong. Everyone has a calling whether its speaking in front of people sharing your testimony or helping kids or helping elderly demonstrating Jesus’ love. Its all about opportunity and not hesitating when its in your lap. Us Philmonties come across opportunities like this quite a bit whether its a kid who needs help or advice, we never grow tired of it, we might know the correct answer to problems but we will try to point whoever needs help into the right direction.

God has called people through out time – imperfect people, those who had made mistakes, and those who had no idea what they were getting into. However, through God’s grace we know that God invites us to serve and then shows us the way to follow. We are not perfect, we don’t have all the answers, but we know that we belong to God and that God calls each of us by name. I did not write that but it says it perfectly. Is God calling you to do something? To help someone in need? Trust me he knows whats best for you if you listen.

This week Philmont is flying to Canada!! So its time to dig out my passport and downsize my usual luggage choice.

Hope everyone has a great week and talk to us if you ever need anything. We’re here to listen and help however we can!




  1. Thanks, Justin! Praying for you guys as y’all travel to Canada! Y’all have safe travels, be safe, have lots’o’fun! 🙂

  2. wait… CANADA????!?!? TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!

  3. So True….i loved this post its great =) i have always tried to listen to what God is telling me and i think everyone has a talent that God has given each and everyone of us =)L8r

  4. Being Canadian – I have to say you hit the timing right on. HEAT WAVE – so this may be the only week this year you do not need your parka :o)

  5. have fun and be safe! 🙂

  6. I absolutly love this post. I just wanted to tell y’all that my talent is playing softball. I’ve been playin it my whole life & I think that’s that what he wants me to do for him. anyways, your so right ! ppl think tht they don’t have what it takes to give to God, but all he wants is your heart. if u use ur talent for Him, he’ll be happy ! I ❤ u Philmont ! God Bless Ya !(:

  7. my talent is playing the piano/keyboard….and I loved this blog. just sayin. I needed to hear that too!! thanks so much and have a fantastic week!! :]

  8. pea ess: have fun in Canada!!!

  9. Ah, thanks for this, Justin. I was telling Britt just the other day that I have no idea what God wants to do with me or how He wants to use me. It’s both exciting and scary. People have told me I’m good with children, artistic, etc…but I don’t yet see how all that works together. I am glad that, in a way, I’m NOT in charge of my life. Y’know? This post was encouraging for me!

    You guys have got an awesome opportunity to help so many people. It’s pretty darn cool. It was great to meet you all in SD, you’re all so sweet and friendly! The hug you gave me (and the recognition from all of you) was rather unexpected, but a total blessing to me! Thanks! I’ll be praying for you guys (and gal!!) as you go to Canada. Have fun and stay safe!!

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