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  1. hey guys i love you… you played at my school last night (march 30th 2010) and the blond that plays the yellowish base guitar (jeff i think) i LOVE u you gave me ur guitar pick ( =the 1st 1) and my friend (ivy) the 2nd well i LOVE yall g2g BYEE

  2. Jeff ur HOTTTTTTTTTTT and cordale my cuz says heyyy

  3. Hey guys you played at my school last night march 30th 2010!!!!!!!!!! you rocked it was soo cool

  4. Hey me and katherine love u and jeff the blond with the yellow yeah i love (kaileE)

  5. hey its kailee a true philmonster here lol i love the base guitar player (jeff ithink) with the blond hair i love u lol u gave me ur first guitar pick I LOVE U!!

  6. i ment the yellow base guitar

  7. heyyyy ppl

  8. hey ppl my fav guy is jeff i think thats his name(well the bass player)

  9. hey its kailee a true philmonster here and the dude with the yellow base guitar (dont know ur name) i love u u gave me ur guitar pick on march 30th and my friend ivy ur second lol

  10. I saw the video for Difference and loved it. I’m buying the album asap. It’s sad you aren’t touring anywhere near Arkansas I’d definitely hit up a show.

  11. hey Josiah! u r the best! u graduated from high school at the school I go to, MCA. it’s so cool than a warrior alumni is now in a band! u played at my skool in 2010 & it was amazing ! well, ur awesome ! iLoveyouuuu Josiah !(:

  12. hey, i got to see part of your show at hills alive before i had to leave and you guys rocked!!!!!!!! i was just wondering about your music. do you guys write it all? and come up with everything for your shows and albums yoursevles?

  13. Hey, guys! I looove Philmont – just discovered you guys, like, yesterday. 😉 Lawl! My favorite band broke up (Falling Up), and I heard Philmont on a Christian rock radio station – I looked you guys up, and I loove you!! ❤

    • By the way, are you guys coming out with another album any time soon? If you do, I’m hitting the stores – instantly. 🙂

  14. Hey guys…I’m not sure if y’all have a “follow” button anywhere but if so where is it? Hope y’all are doing well, have a blessed day!

  15. Hey guys I just wanted to let you know a little story that involves your music. Last year I started working with the youth group at my church. The first person I connected with was a girl named Emily. We became like sisters throughout the year. During that time I introduced her to your music, specifically the song my hippocratic oath. We went for a drive one day and wrote out an entire human video to that song. A few months later on October 3, 2010 she was in a terrible car accident and died instantly. My life stopped for a little while, until one day I was driving and I put your CD in. I heard that song and decided to continue on with our dream of that human video. So this year for our district competition of fine arts which is March 11, 2011 a youth human video team will perform to my hippocratic oath. I want to thank you for all that you guys do your music is amazing and it relates to the students I work with as it does to many more i’m sure. Also if there is any way you guys could send me an address so I can send you a DVD of that video it would be awesome! Thank you so much again for giving me a God sized conversation with my now beautiful angel. God Bless!

    • That is an amazing, touching story. Very sorry to hear about the loss, but your perseverance is an inspiration. We would love to see the video!! Please send a copy to

      6106 Eisenhower Lane
      Indian Trail, NC 28079

      Thanks so much!!

  16. Hey guys just found your music on animoto while making a slideshow video to promote our summer camp Laurelville Mennonite Church Center’s Adventure Camp. The song I Can’t Stand to Fall fits our video perfectly and I love the lyrics. We would like to use the video for camp promotion and your song title and name comes up on the video but we don’t want to do anything “unlicensed” and get into trouble. Do you guys have any idea what we need to go through to get permission to use the song in the video if any? I know often commercials have to pay rights to use music for promotion. Would we need to do anything like that to use your song on our video? Do we need to talk to the label you worked with in the past? Please feel free to e-mail me on my personal e-mail to respond to these questions or let me know where to go next with this. Thanks for making some awesome music!

  17. So i was at your concert at the Gear, Friday. I just wanted to thank you guys. Life has been pretty hard the past four years with a lot of death in my family and friendship problems…the day before the concert i was at Steak N’ Shake with a bunch of people after a play and every single friend i was sitting with ditched me that night. I felt so horrible i had no idea why they did that.
    Then when i was at the concert you guys made me feel like family [which we are in Christ]! I completely forgot about all the drama the night before and when i got home i wished every day of my life could be that awesome.
    So thanks…and please pray for me and my friends relationships.

  18. Hey I love you guys! I really want to see you guys in concert.Im trying to get all of your CDs.I heart your music,and you guys are my fav everything. And i hope soon I’ll be able to see you guys play.

  19. hey scott? r ur eyes blue or green? I can’t tell which.I know thts kinda random.lolz u don’t have to answer tht.

  20. how did you come up with your name I am a christian and a scouter and was researching about Philmont scout reservation and came across your music.. not bad.. just wondering where the name came from.

  21. scott is soo cute

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