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Hello, all. Today I share a tale of sorrow.

This past Friday, at a show in High Point, NC, Justin and I were working on a new guitar trick that involves us throwing our guitars across the stage to each other simultaneously. Several days prior, we practiced this move multiple times after our show in Topeka, and it was all smooth sailing – we nailed it perfectly every time. So on Friday, after our soundcheck we decidde to give it a go – after all, you gotta take the shot if you wanna make the goal. Unfortunately, I was focused too much on catching Justin’s guitar, and not focused enough on throwing mine. Thus, I terribly underthrew my PRS to the point that Justin could not get to it in time. I caught his guitar perfectly, and was feeling great about it, when I heard a crashing sound that made me sick to my stomach.

The neck of the guitar is snapped all the way through at the base, and the headstock split into two pieces. Though it is not necessarily beyond the realm of repair, to get it fixed would cost as much if not more than I paid for the guitar in the first place – it is “totaled” in a sense.

My time of mourning is slowly passing, but I am left in a predicament – I now have no guitar! I am using Scott’s Les Paul at shows for the time being, but I need to acquire a permanent replacement soon. We in Philmont decided to raise funds towards a new guitar using two methods:

1) we have put up my broken PRS at the merch table (signed by the band) and are raffling it off at $5 a ticket (we will be selling tickets at shows for the next month or so before we draw a winner)

2) I am asking for donations from PHILMONSTERS across the globe right here on the internet! That’s right, I am inviting all of you to pay tribute to the guitar that I have used at every Philmont show since the beginning, as well as recorded all your favorite Philmont songs with. The flipside of that is: you will be directly responsible for whatever guitar I end up purchasing next – when you come to a show in the future, you can say “I helped buy that guitar for Philmont”. Plus, and this goes without saying, but you will have my eternal gratitude for your support through this time of grief.

So, if you feel lead to do so, we would be very thankful if you would donate even $5 to the “Josiah’s Guitar Fund”.
You can do this via PayPal – the email address you can donate to is:

Thank you all for reading, and for supporting Philmont. Have a great week.




  1. you could just give it to me (i can hope, can’t i?:D)! cuz my dad does work on guitars:D i’d be happy to have another one:D

  2. so sorry about the prs man, I sure wish i could come to a show and try to win the guitar, i will definetly be donating some money to help get a new one, God Bless man!

  3. Oh, Josiah, I share in your sorrow completely, what a terrible happenstance! I’m terribly sorry, it’s so sad! I’ll try and get the money to help you guys out.
    I’m mourning too. 🙂
    Other than the accident, I hope you guys are all doing well!

  4. Awwww im sorry ur guitar broke:(…to bad i cant buy u a new awesomer one 😛 i hope u can get one soon,L8r 😀 😀

  5. I might think about donating….if you promise not to toss the new guitar around…?! 😛 haha

  6. Hey, Buddy. Sorry about the guitar. I really wish that stunt would’ve worked AND that I got to see it! Just wanted you to know that I’m sending $15.00 w/ Josh. I’d like to win that guitar and maybe give it to Josh for Christmas! haha! I think you’re brilliant for thinking of such a creative way to raise the $$. Maybe I’ll try that with my broken a/c! 😛 Blessings and have a wonderful time in Canada…AY?

  7. Josiah, I do sympathize with you in your time of grief and loss. 😦 But really, that’s a huge bummer!! That was a sweet guitar (I got some nice pics of you and it in SD!)! I’ll definitely be setting aside some money to send your way for a new one. Wish I could buy a ticket in hopes of winning the broken one, but I don’t think you guys will be down this way (Texas) soon enough.

    Btw, it was great to meet all you guys in SD! Glad I (and my friend) made the drive (but sorry we didn’t get a chance to come back and chat after Sanctus Real’s set)! We almost died on the way back to Texas though, both of us being so completely tired. 🙂 God was looking out for us! Have a safe Canada trip!!!

  8. mm… question – will you still be auctioning it off when you play at the Illinois State Fair on the 22nd? cuz i’d love to place a bid!

  9. Haha,, I donated to the paypal thing.
    And now I read the blog.. makes me feel happy, That next to helping with the EP I also helped with a guitar… =D
    Like the new one….
    (I donated $20,- Can I exchange it for 4 tickets, I can’t join a show to buy it 😦 haha
    Have a great weekend,,
    God bless…
    Cheers from Holland,

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