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What’s up er’body!

We’re currently driving to our show in Morris, MN at the Common Cup Coffee House. We play at 7:00 tonight, so come hang out with us!

For those of you who haven’t heard, I have a story to share with you.
On St. Patrick’s Day (Google the history of this holiday. It’s fascinating) I decided to wear a green shirt of mine, which also happens to be one of my favorite shirts, as to avoid being pinched. It’s a v-neck shirt with small black and dark green stripes. Well after I put it on in the hotel, Josiah makes a comment about how the shirt isn’t green and I disregard it. Well later I’m in a room filled with people in this huge debate over the color of my shirt. Some say it has blue stripes, some say it’s grey or blueish grey, but everyone is telling me that it isn’t green. So finally Scott pulls up a color blindness test on his phone, just to see. And after a few of the tests, while everyone in the room can see shapes or numbers in the pictures that don’t exist to me, it becomes clear that I am quite literally colorblind. With what we’ve diagnosed as a red/green deficiency. Pretty mind-blowing to figure out at 23 years old. Plus knowing now that ever since I bought that shirt and every single time I wore it, I thought I was wearing a green shirt. Our friend Austin actually made a Facebook page about. If you search for Josh Guion Foundation you can view it and “like” it.

Enough about that already, dang.
So, I’ve never been to the Mall of America and I hear it’s a pretty big deal. And this Saturday, the four of us in the Philmont camp have already bought our tickets to watch The Hunger Games in the VIP theater inside of the Mall of America, with extra leg room and super awesome chairs (that I heard recline, but I won’t get my hopes up)! We’ve all finished the trilogy and could not be more stoked on going to see the movie. Unless someone brings me a “Team Gale” t-shirt to the show tonight. Then I’d be more stoked. But seriously, if someone does that, we’d be best bffl’s for life.

That reminds me. “ATM Machine” and “PIN Number” are both redundant. If you say either of those, you’re actually saying, “Automated Teller Machine Machine” and “Personal Identification Number Number.”

This acoustic tour is almost over! Sad face. It’s been so much fun and we got to go to all the ends of the country and make so many new friends, as well as see a bunch of old friends again. But I haven’t been home in almost a month now, so it’ll definitely be nice to see everyone there again. Then I’m going to visit Lauren and spend a few days in Charleston! It’ll be like a vacation from my vacation of a job.

Anywho. If anyone is going to be at the Mall of America tomorrow, come find us and say hi! For everyone else, I’ll see you next week!
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