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Hello friends.
After much prayerful consideration it’s with a heavy heart that I announce to you that we’re ending Philmont after August.  It’s been an amazing journey for all of us involved.  Seven years ago when we held our first band practice in my parent’s house I never could have anticipated how blessed we would be in this musical endeavor.  We’ve had so many amazing opportunities to not only play shows and (hopefully touch lives) but also to meet so many incredible people along the way.
We’re all planning on sticking with this music thing for a while longer.  Josiah’s going off to pursue other opportunities and begin to focus on producing.  Josh, Brittany and I are writing for a new project and hope to tell you more about that soon.
A million thanks for all of you who stuck by our side through the tough times all well as the good.  We pray that our music will still continue to encourage listeners for years to come.
Our last and final show will be on August 31st at Lifelight SD.  We’ll be headlining the 360 stage that night.  It’s a free festival so go ahead and book your airline ticket now!

On a financial note Philmont is ending with a substantial amount of debt which will turn into personal debt.  We’re hoping to offset some of this by selling off our remaining merch.  (This will be available online starting early Sept)  If you’re interested in donating any money to help us out you can do so via PayPal (

We’ll also be selling off some other fun, non-merch stuff! (Stage boxes, banners, merch backdrop, etc.)
If you’re interested in making a donation in exchange for one of these items just send us an email and let us know what you want and what you’re willing to pay for it– Silent auction style.

We’ll continue to maintain the band Facebook page and monitor this blog– though not very frequently.  Feel free to follow us on our individual Facebook pages and Twitters to keep up with us post-Philmont.

It’s been a heck of a ride.  Thanks for being a part of it.

In Christ,
Scott Taube // Philmont