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It’s about 1am and I’m laying back in my own bed in Nashville enjoying the feeling of my own mattress and reflecting on he west coast leg of our acoustic tour. We had such an amazing time, played some great shows, met a lot of new friends as well as reconnected with some old ones and saw a lot of cool sites.

Typically we travel in a small bus and trailer and it’s very hard to get into cities to explore. Also, we’re usually playing full band shows which require us to load in shortly after lunch thus eating up a good chunk of our day. This trip was different and the late load ins and rental minivan made exploring an option! I took a lot of pictures so instead of telling you what all we saw, I’ll just upload some of my favorite photos from the trip here in this blog post. If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facbook these may be old news to you!

Brittany and I after landing in San Diego. She hates to fly but she was a trooper!

I celebrated my 28th birthday on day 1 of the trip!

Saw the pacific ocean.

My birthday present to me. Done at a shop in downtown L.A.

Rad shot of some boats.

Phoenix was beautiful this time of year. Found this prickly dude during an afternoon stroll.

One of my favorite shows of the tour was this last minute house show in Chandler, AZ.

After Phoenix, in route to Carson City we got bored of driving and decided to find a Geocache in the Mohave Desert! The next person to locate this one will get some Philmont swag!

A view of the snowy mountains from the desert.

During our drive to Carson City it got too snowy to continue so we found ourselves in the ski resort town of Mammoth, CA.

Leaving Carson City we found these historic mining ruins.

We also stopped at Lake Tahoe to climb around and enjoy the views.

You don’t find may restaurants along the winding, mountainous routes so you wind up as some unique little eateries. This was Cooks Station- great garlic fries!

My first time to San Francisco so we had to pay homage to the location from the Full House intro!

Golden Gate Bridge.

The night before flying out we dipped into LA to be tourists one last time. Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

We had a blast! Trips like this make me feel so blessed to be able to do what I do!


  1. Wow, sounds like an amazing time!

  2. wooh sweet pics. i love how u said prickly dude instead of cactus.lolz,tht boat pic was pretty amazing.looks lk u guys had lots of fun.

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