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So we just finished playing our first ever show in Carson City, Nevada! And we all had a blast, so I’m sure it won’t be our last show here. We got to play with our good buddy, Josiah James and some new friends of ours in a band called I Am They. If you’ve never checked out either one of them, you should do yourself a favor and get on that.

Tomorrow we’re making the drive from Nevada up to Northern California. We have a show in Oakhurst tomorrow night, then Antioch on Friday, and then we’ll be playing in San Jose on Saturday. Then we’ll be making the long drive back down to San Diego where we’ll return our sweet rental mini van and board our flight back to Nashville. This has been a rad little acoustic tour and I’ll be sad to see it come to a close.

So yesterday we experienced two completely different climates.. We woke up and started the drive to NV, most of which was through deserts (which I love to ride through). The weather in this part of California was in the low 80°s and incredibly windy. Then once we started driving through mountains and climbing altitude, the temperature dropped and the snow started falling. We ended up having to get chains for our tires and staying the night in Mammoth, CA. All in the same day! I didn’t pack diverse enough.

I don’t know how many of you are into Geocaching, but my mom just recently introduced it to me at home and we’ve gone out and found a few and it’s a good time! Well we in Philmont decided that if we have an off day where we’re just driving to the next city that we would start looking for these Geocaches. Yesterday we found our first one! It was somewhere in the middle of the Mojave Desert, and so much fun to hunt down. It was crazy windy outside, but eventually Scott spotted it in some of the sagebrush. We took a couple of trinkets and left a few pieces of Philmont merchandise for the next passerby to sift through. So if you’re into Geocaching, who knows, maybe you’ll get some free Philmont merch out of it!

Uggh well it’s late and I’ve just kind of been rambling at you for a while now. Here’s some pictures of some of our escapades from the last couple of days!







Thanks for reading! See you next week

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  1. wooh awesome pics. looks lk u guys had a ton of fun.

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