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Hello world!
I’m in AZ right now sitting in the shade and soaking in this beautiful weather! We’re well into the left-coast leg of our acoustic tour and it’s been a blast so far. There’s plenty to chat about but I don’t want to gobble up all the blog content and leave the other dudes with nothing to talk about so I’m gonna talk about my new tattoo.
I got my first tattoo years ago in Nashville when we were traveling through on one of Philmont’s first tours. It was a great bonding experience and something I’ll remember forever. Since then I’ve really wanted to get more but they’re expensive and I’m a baller on a budget so I’ve always used the money on other silly little things like paying bills, feeding myself and putting gas in the car!

My birthday was on the first of this month so I had some cash in my pocket and a morning free while we were in L.A. so I decided it was time for #2.

Justin Sams designed it for me. It’s a dandelion with the roots running into the words, “You See Flowers in These Weeds”.
That’s a lyric from one of my favorite songs of all times- “Dandelions” by Five Iron Frenzy.
They’re a ska band (who, after a 10 year hiatus, are about to release a new album in 2013!)
It’s a beautiful song about how God sees us as something beautiful when it’s just as easy to look at us as ugly weeds.
If you’re not familiar with the band or the song check them out on the Google machine!

I’m also interested in hearing your opinions on tattoos on Christians. I know some people are for them and some are against them.
What are your thoughts?



  1. Christians and tattoos…ahhhh…the debate that will never end. As a Christian that loves tattoos, I had to come to this conclusion:

    I love God with my whole heart. I try to honor Him with my whole life. I think He cares about the condition of my heart and my spirit and my soul. I think He made me creative with a need to express that creativity. To me, tattoos are art that express the things that are the most important in my life. As long as they are not promoting something that is against God and His word, I honestly don’t think He cares.

    I believe that it’s a personal issue between myself and God. If I ever start to feel conviction about getting tattoos, I won’t get anymore. If someone feels that it’s wrong, then absolutely, that person should not get one, but they shouldn’t judge other’s that have them either.

    PS Can’t wait to see you guys on Saturday night at our church!

  2. Well it seems like a lot of my friends have been getting tattoos lately. I am not %100 against them, but it really bothers me that some people can be so flippant about getting something that will be on their body for virtually the rest of their lives.

    I have seen many an old and wrinkly 70 year old + with an equally wrinkly tattoo from their former days. I am sure these tattoos looked great once upon a time, but… well you get the picture.

    (Also when people are covered in them it tends to make them look kind of dirty. Physically dirty, of course.)

    I think your tattoo is great, Scott! Your question was about christians getting tattoos specifically, I just realized.

    We have to remember that our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit, so everything – the way we present ourselves, act, speak, dress, and put on our bodies need to be honoring to the Lord. I think this tattoo will be a fantastic conversation starter for people. They’ll ask if they can see your arm to see what it says, then they’ll probably be confused, and then you get an opening to sharing the gospel.

    Ultimately, I think Christians getting tattoos is between each person and God. It says in the bible not to mark your bodies to remember the dead (I should probably look that up for context) but other than that, this seems like a grey area.

    I wrote more than I meant! Well anyway, enjoy your new tattoo and the rest of the tour!


  3. my dad always says its marking your body,and tht its defiling the temple of God cuz he lives in us.and tht the bible says not i think.

  4. but… i lk it urs is sooo cool.

  5. I think tattoos are awesome. And if you make a choice to get one it should be special to you personally. I have one on my upper right arm that is 3 nails formed into a cross with the Jesus fish warped around it with the bible text that says “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2:20. This reminds me that I am not of my own and my father gave his life so I could live and serve him for the rest of my life and through out eternity. So I think it comes down to your choice for no else can judge you by what you have on your body except the the Lord above.

  6. As someone who has a tattoo (and also done by the wonderful Justin Sams!) I do like them. I know a lot of the more conservative Christians use the argument of Leviticus 19:28 against tattoos and piercings, which says “You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord.” but the verse just before it says “You shall not shave around the sides of your head, nor shall you disfigure the edges of your beard.”
    I think back in those times, in that culture, tattoos and piercings had a much different meaning than they do now. They can be used to express just about anything these days, but in those days, they most likely had a more negative connotation.
    I love the idea of the body as a canvas. Right on, Scott!

  7. Well I saw you guys on Monday and I was a blast! I am so glad that I was able to make it! Come back soon and let us all know ahead of time so we can all properly make plans to attend.

    On the discussion about Christians and tattoos, the bible does talk about how you are not to defile your body and in the old testament it talks about you should get tattoos (along with a whole slew of things). Now I think the intent in the old testament where God was telling the Israelites about not doing and getting these things done to their body wasn’t because God doesn’t want us to not have fun and not to be able to express ourselves but God is more concerned about our image to the world around us. If we are to be good and useful witness for God’s kingdom we are to stand out in the world and not to be like the world. Many non-christians find tattoos to be very unprofessional and that they don’t speak well of that person. (no I am not saying that we need to do what the world says we do) What I am say is that we do something that the world doesn’t think is right or that is not “socially acceptable” (again not saying that tattoos are wrong or that we need to listen to the world) but God does say in the bible that if world finds something wrong that isnt against what God says than most likely its against what God says.

    Now if you feel convicted by God not to get a tattoos then don’t. Now if you want to get a tattoo you need to ask yourself many things before getting it. First of all why do you want to get a tattoo and this one in particular? You also have to ask yourself what does this tattoo mean? what will people think your tattoo means and what will you tell them? Furthermore how long have you been thinking about this particular tattoo? If it hasn’t been very long you should think about it over more before getting the tattoo because it will be with you on your body for the rest of you life.

    Now the final and most important question you need to ask is this, Will this glorify God? Will the attention be focused on him and not yourself? Because as Christians are ultimate reason for being is to glorify him and if this tattoo draws more attention to yourself and not to God you are stealing the attention and the glory away from him. As a born again Christian I do not want to steal God’s glory I in fact want to try in some small way to give him more glory(which is very difficult to do) and make his name known in the world.

    What about you?

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