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Good evening to ya. I am in a hotel room in Fredericksburg, Virginia right now (I think). We are playing in York, PA tomorrow.

I’ve been busy this week taking care of all the boring grown-up stuff that happens when you decide to get married and move into a house. Figuring out insurance stuff, utilities, name change stuff (for her, duh), monthly budgets, car titles and everything in between, there’s a lot to keep track of! I use the handy Mac program “Stickies” to keep notes on things like this – I don’t know what I’d do without it (writing notes on actual paper with a pen is completely out of the question, obviously). Once I’ve got a dozen-or-so Stickies scattered about, I open up a Word document and put it all together in an orderly fashion. Then I pop in a floppy disk, save the document to it, and store it in my alphabetized floppy disk storage cabinet…for safekeeping…

Well, next week I am going to get some “bonding” work done on one of my front teeth. About 10 years ago, I wiped out on a Razor scooter and smashed my mouth into the handlebar, resulting in my left front tooth taking some damage. After a while, the tooth started darkening a little bit. It’s been that way ever since. Apparently there is dead tissue inside that gives the tooth a sort of grayer color than its surrounding colleagues. It’s not something that is instantly distracting from the rest of my face, but it has always kinda bothered me, so I’m getting it taken care of on Tuesday. They will file down the front of the tooth, then apply a hardening agent that essentially works as a mask for the tooth, which will match the rest of my teeth. FUN STUFF.

Okay, on to something interesting. Tonight I read about a clock that will supposedly run perfectly for 10,000 years. And it’s got an awesome name. Read about it here. THEN at the end of that page I linked to another article, this time about a piece of music that is meant to be played for a duration of 639 years! [Hence the blog title this week, which would actually be a pretty cool band name…] The piece, titled “As Slow As Possible”, was written for the organ, and is currently being played by a custom-built organ at a cathedral in Germany. Read about it here. The sad thing, is that the composer, John Cage, died in 1992, before the piece was ever played in its entirety at the intended tempo. Doesn’t that make you sad?

It shouldn’t! It’s a 639-year-long song! Of course he would be dead before it was ever played at the right tempo! You and me will be dead too! Sorry to break the news…haha.

I should rephrase, though. We won’t be dead, but our bodies will be. Truth.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “I Feel Better” by Gotye

2. “This House Alive” by Cursive

3. “As Slow As Possible” by John Cage [okay, not really]




  1. That… is crazy insane. But very cool! I think it’s hilarious that you’ve been finding all this stuff.
    And I see you’ve been getting into Gotye recently. My sister and I have to, and I must say, he has some amazing music!
    And hoping your “bonding” goes well.

  2. I vote that your next album be called ‘Hundred Year Chorus.’

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