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I just arrived in Charlotte to spend a few days of quality with my parents and my dog. I’ve been away from my little pup for about two weeks now 😞 so I’m glad to be back with her!

This past couple of weeks have been busy in the Philmont camp! As many of you know we released an acoustic ep to iTunes (go download “Rearranged & Unplugged” now!) we also released a new music video for one of those songs (go to and watch our video for “We Found Love” now! Also share it with your friends!)

We have an upcoming show in PA then we fly off to sunny California for a short acoustic tour. We fly out of Nashville on my birthday and since we’ll be traveling from CST to PST my birthday will be 2 hours longer this year! I may have totally planned that 🙂

Sorry I don’t have more to say this week. Expect something deep and meaningful from me next week!



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  1. o my gosh. where in pa will you be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????? i have to u guys!aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

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