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Today is my birthday! The big two four. I am spending it in the large state of Texas this year. We played a show last night in Graham, TX – it was our only full/electric band set of this run (thanks to Jeremi for helping us out on drums), and now we have 5 acoustic shows in a row, starting tonight!

Last night was fun because I got to play my new guitars for the first time in a Philmont setting, but it was also stressful because I had to play my new guitars for the first time in a Philmont setting! If you didn’t see the pic on Facebook, I purchased a PRS Singlecut SE and a Fender American Telecaster (pics on Facebook), as replacements for my PRS that was stolen from my car in December. These guitars are both great, but they both have different tonal qualities than my former guitar, so I’m still figuring out the best way to dial in my overdrive pedals and my amp settings to accommodate them. Not to mention I was the only one playing guitar last night (Josh played bass), so I had to fill in a lot of parts that would normally be covered by Josh on guitar. I do love my new arsenal though!

The other exciting news of the week: our new acoustic EP “Rearranged & Unplugged” is available on iTunes as of yesterday! I produced most of it, and I think it sounds pretty great! There are three familiar Philmont songs, one cover song, and one full band demo of a brand new Philmont song. As a birthday gift to me, you can go purchase it. Here is the link.

Meanwhile, I literally just finished the Hunger Games book one here in the bus. Scott finished book two last night, and Brittany just finished book three! Josh finished the series a few weeks ago, so we are all playing catch-up. Book One was pretty great; definitely a quick, easy read. I’m looking forward to the rest of the trilogy, and I’m definitely looking forward to the movie next month!

Meanwhile still, Heather and I have been working very hard planning for our wedding and married life. We found a little old house in Pineville, NC (south Charlotte) that we like a lot, so after a lot of consideration and prayer, we decided to move forward with it. We will be signing a one-year lease when I get home, and we will get the keys at the beginning of March. The wedding isn’t until April, so we will have a month to move our stuff in, get the house furnished/decorated and what not, and I can’t wait to live there!

Well, I’m gonna get started on Book Two now. Thanks in advance for the showering of birthday gifts and praises. Go buy our acoustic EP!! Have a great week.

One EP to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Rearranged & Unplugged” by Philmont



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