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Oh hai.

We are currently driving down the highway on our way to our first show of this run in Texas. I so excited. Not even just to be back on the road, but to be back in Texas. It’s one of my favorite places we play. We’re gonna get to hang out with our friends Tabitha, Priscilla, and Lindsay. And hopefully we’ll get to see some of our dudes in Outside The Camp. If you still haven’t Checked out their music, you need to get on that.

As most of you know we’ve been doing a bunch of acoustic shows. Well the first show on this tour is a full band show so our good buddy Jeremi Hough is helping us out on drums for that show and then is flying back to Nashville tomorrow. It’s great to be hanging with him again.

Those of you who have been waiting for this acoustic EP that we’ve been talking about, you won’t have to wait much longer!! Scott sent it to iTunes last night! It takes anywhere between 24-72 hours to process so just keep your eyes on iTunes! Though I’m sure we’ll be Tweeting about it a lot once it’s available. And if you’re curious about the track listing, all I can tell you is there will be three old jams acoustified, an acoustic cover song, and a demo for a brand-spankin’ new song! I hope you guys will enjoy it. It was fun to make.

Last night, Josiah and I moved all the furniture together in the hotel and got all the extra linens and made a pretty sweet fort and watched tv shows on his computer.


Also! Idk if you guys have ever heard of The Cinnamon Challenge, but Jo and I decided to give it a shot the other night and killed it! All you have to do is take a tablespoon of cinnamon and swallow it. There’s no time limit, but you can’t have anything to drink you help you out. I downed it in 0:55 and Jo finished his in 1:05. I would tell you not to try this at home, but it would directly contradict my next sentence. Try this at home! Try to beat our times and be sure to film it. Or it didn’t happen. But honestly, if you just complete the challenge that’s impressive enough.
I posted a video on my Facebook page if you guys are interested!

Well guys that’s it for me this week! Before I go, I started playing Scramble on my phone. If you guys want to play, I’m pretty awful at it and sometimes I take a really long time to play my turn. But my username is joshguion. Look me up!



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  1. i would try the cinnamon thing but im

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