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You didn’t think I’d forgotten about you this week did ya?
I hope everyone had a great week- mine was fairly productive.
All of us Philmonts have been working hard on prepping for the TX leg of our acoustic tour. We’ve been recording an EP over the last couple of weeks and been doing our best to make sure we have it out to you guys in the next week or so. The EP (which is being recorded by our very own Josiah Prince) will include 3 old Philmont favs, a cover song and a demo of a new song so get excited!
For all of our Texas fans come to some (or all) of the shows!

In other news, ever since the start of 2012 I’ve been doing my best to take better care of myself. I’ve been working out with a friend of mine at night doing “Insanity” workouts. It’s about 40 straight minutes of different cardio exercises. I’m always sore the next morning but it gives me the sense that I’m doing something right. Other nights I just jog at the gym in my complex.
I finally retired my old running shoes and bought some new ones. Good thing too as the old ones have more holes than rubber on the bottom!

Hopefully I keep up with the work out regimen for the rest of the year!
Side note- Avitar is on TV (muted). I’ve never seen this movie. I have zero desire to. But I have seen Pocahontas and I’m told it’s pretty much the same 🙂

Nighty Night!


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