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Hello Everyone!
So as many of you may have figured out by now the so called “rockstar life” isn’t always quite what it’s cracked up to be (as far as finances are concerned). We all do stuff outside of Philmont to make ends meet– to feed our habit of writing, recording and touring. Josiah works at Chic-fil-a and Josh works as a CNA caring for the elderly…that’s right, Josh literally wipes peoples butts in order to afford touring. I find work where I can. I do booking for Philmont and the occasional free-lance video editing gig. My most recent venture had me setting up a booth at a kitchen remodeling conference here in Nashville offering my services as a “social media manager”. Basically, for a fee, I’ll maintaining a business’s social media sites and updated them a couple of times a week.
It’s not at all how I wanted to spend yesterday morning– especially because it was my wife Brittany’s birthday!
However, I’m praying to at least land a couple of clients from the event in order to have a little more guaranteed money flowing through my bank account!

I spent a good chunk of today working on the cover art for Philmont’s acoustic EP. I can’t wait to hear the tracks the other guys have been working on! I should get them sent over sometime this week then I’ll take those into a studio here in Nashville and track my vocal parts. After a quick mix we’ll get the CD up on iTunes and some physical copies pressed. It’s awesome to be able to do this project in house and keep such a quick turnaround time! I’m super excited for you (and myself) to hear it!

Britt and I have been having a “How I Met Your Mother” marathon (a what?) over the last couple of weeks thanks to Netflix! We’re already in season 6. The last episode was a bit of a cliffhanger so I’m off to start the next one!

See ya next week!
If you’re in the Texas area be sure to visit the “bandpage” tab on our facebook page. We listed a few new acoustic dates!


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