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So let me drop a quick blog on here before we are officially into the next week!
Tonight we played a winter retreat in Myrtle Beach, SC. It was rad! The show was super fun and the kids were great.
In addition- the hotel where the concert was held (and where we’re staying) is BALLER!
It’s right on the ocean and has and indoor, heated pool, hot tub and lazy river!!! So before the show we had some time to relax and float around.
Here’s the view from our room:

For this trip we have our buddy Davey filling in on bass. He’s in a band called Eleventyseven. Go listen to them and send them some love (or hate mail…either way).

We have one more SC show tomorrow (also close to the ocean) then it’s back home to my land-locked state of TN.

Hope your having a great week.
Anyone excited about the new Five Iron Frenzy record? I used to love them back in high school and college!

See ya next week!


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  1. woooh tht place looks sooo sweet.

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