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So it’s a new year, and I know I’ve already posted once in 2012, but I didn’t talk about my resolutions or ask you about yours. Well this year instead of making a concrete decision, which I inevitably fail to do sometime throughout the year, I’ve just decided to try to eat less and eat healthier. It’s something I’ve been trying to do lately anyway, but I figured with the new year I might as well try harder. And I want to start reading The Bible more. I’ll be the first to confess that I don’t spend enough time in the Word and that’s something that I want to change. I did find this verse though that I wanted to share with you from 2 Corinthians 5:17

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

I just felt it appropriate since a lot of people are wanting to “better themselves” this time of year, whether it be to eat better, or to give up something that has consumed them lately, to share a scripture about “becoming new.” That in a life with Christ you don’t have to worry about the things in your past or your present. Anything that’s been holding you down you can just give away to Him and start this new year off with a clean slate. Feel free to talk to any of us Philmont dudes (or lady) about this or anything that’s been weighing on your heart. 

Also, I just wanted to let you guys know that my girlfriend, Lauren Balltrip, and I have been dating for 1 year today. And also tomorrow actually.. We were in two different time zones when we were on the phone and decided to make it “official.” It was just after 11:00pm on 1-10-11 in Nashville where I was. And just after 12:00am on 1-11-11 in SC where she was! So we could actually choose January 10th or 11th or both to celebrate our relationship if we wanted to. 

This weekend we’ll be playing a couple of shows in Myrtle Beach, SC with our buddy Josh Duckworth filling in on drums, and our good friend Davey Davenport of Eleventyseven playing bass with us. Also our pal Daniel Bryan who got us on the show will be there hanging out with all of us as well. Big thanks and much love to him. It’s going to be good times, so you should all take a little road trip/vacation out to the beach and hang out with all of us! 

And if anyone has Xbox Live and plays Modern Warfare 3 online, look me up! My gamer tag is joshuaguion. 

Thanks to all of you Philmont supporters out there! We love you and we couldn’t do any of this without you! 






  1. I decided to be thankful for something new every single day! Eating better is always good too. Sometimes it is hard to find time to read the Bible and it seems that we never really have enough time to do everything we want. We make time for what is important!

    I just realized we have the same name which it is always cool to meet another Josh.

    When you make your way out to Denver. I will go to your show!

  2. heres a ‘WOOTWOOT’ for u guys being together for one year!you encourged me to want to read my bible more.I haven’t really been spending enough time with our Savior.I really want to grow closer to Him.

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