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Hey! It’s me! Josiah! Back from the unofficial blog hiatus that occurred over the past couple months. I guess you could call this a New Year’s Resolution of sorts. I will be blogging each week like I used to.

It is a new year, and it is a year that I am very much excited about. For one thing, I am getting married in April! Definitely anxious with anticipation in that department. My fiancée Heather and I have been planning and making preparations to an extent, but there is still a lot to figure out between now and the wedding day. I can’t wait for it, though. We’ve been dating for over six years now, and she is definitely the one for me!

Another great thing about this 2012 is all the great movies that are coming out. The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, The Hobbit (part 1), The Amazing Spider-Man, The Great Gatsby, and The Hunger Games (which I have yet to read, but will be doing soon). Add to that the final season of Breaking Bad and I would say there is a good year of entertainment ahead.

Also in the entertainment category falls the reunion of the Beach Boys this year. All the living members will be touring together for the first time since the 80s, and I will definitely be getting tickets to wherever the closest show is.

Then over in the Philmont world, we have started playing acoustic shows – something that will be a trend for the next couple of months. With our membership reduced to three, we have put together a full set of stripped-down arrangements that we like a lot. It’s weird because we pretty much had to learn the entire set from scratch, because we’re playing most of our material in different keys and with different chords than what was originally recorded. We do it this way so that the songs feel a little more laid-back and are easier to sing in an intimate environment. We spent several full days practicing at Scott’s parents’ house, and have incorporated ukelele, bells, and egg shaker into the set.

We played our first acoustic show last night in Huntersville NC, and it went pretty well. The setlist is divided up between songs we’ve been playing for years, new songs that we’ve never played, old songs that we’ve never played, and newly-learned cover songs. I would say it’s a pretty good mix. One of my favorite Philmont songs is The Terminal, which we’ve never really been able to play live until now, and it sounds awesome. Anyway, we only had a few slip-ups last night, but by the time we hit up the southwestern U.S. next month, we will be on top of our game!

When I was in high school at Metrolina Christian Academy, I would sometimes get assigned 500-word essays. I would always dread them – 500 words seemed like a month’s worth of work. And yet, here I am writing this blog that is just over 500 words now, and it was a piece of cake! Hey, past-Josiah, apply yourself!

See y’all next week.

Three Song to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “The Proof” by High Flight Society

2. “Part That Won’t Let Go” by Wavorly

3. “Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)” by The Vaccines




  1. oh my gosh i want to get married in april too! and the terminal is prob my fourth fav. song u guys wrote.

  2. Josiah, I do believe that this is one of my favorite posts you’ve ever posted. 🙂 Filled with all forms of goodness (as they usually are). I’m excited for you and Heather, congrats! As for the acoustic shows, I wish I could make it to one. I’d kill to hear The Terminal! And the Beach Boys… I wish I weren’t so poor or I’d buy myself a ticket.
    I really hope I can see you guys sometime in 2012. 🙂

  3. i alwas check the songs youve suggested and i noticed that you happen to have a wavorly song from the ep! i absolutely love those songs, my favorite happens to be the piano version of one more try, but all of their songs are fantastic. worth waiting 4 years! cool to know, one of my favorte bands listens to another one of my favorite bands!

  4. can`t wait to hear you guys acoustically!!

  5. YOU PLAYED THE TERMINAL? O: thats my favorite c: along with “where to start” and “the acension” they are really pretty.. i sang a cover of the terminal and its on youtube too! 😀 i hope you guys come to kansas soon. oh and guess what! i’m doing a speech over you guys in speech class. i already got a hold of Scott and got some info about the band to put into it. now i just need some from you josh, Justin, Josiah, and Jeremi!! hope to see you guys soon!

    ~Christina ❤

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