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Hello friends and family.

I never knew what I would say when the time came to do this. But Ive reached a point in my life where I need to step down from touring. For me, its the greatest thing to be able to travel the country with your closest friends/brothers and play music that your so passionate about. It is something I will cherish and hold onto forever. 

I have met so many people out there that I will never forget. People 50 to 3,000 miles away that I will forever consider family. I can’t tell you enough how much Philmont loves our friends and fans. I pray you guys still support the band and lift them up. Those guys are going to continue to write amazing music and do amazing things. Be very excited for the things coming up from Philmont.

As for me, my jersey/pillow case will be hung up in Burney as well as my xbox controller. I kid but seriously Im going to pursue art and become a tattoo artist as well as designing. Who knows you might see some Philmont merch designs from me down the road?! Also me and Elizabeth (Elizabeth and I) are going to get married and start a family starting with a puppy of our own of course. 


Again, I’ve had the greatest time of my life getting to know many of you and my brothers in the band.  Please continue to be the greatest fans in the world. Find me on Facebook and stay in touch. 


You guys and girls are great. Merry Christmas! I love you all

your friend,

Justin Sams




  1. awww..thats so sad! Philmont won’t be the same without you!..but I hope you have an awesome marriage and a wonderful career

  2. thanks for everything you put into philmont Justin, you’ll be missed!! God’s blessings on your future and marriage.

  3. You don’t believe it until you see it in writing bro we will def hang soon in NC if you can suffer the 2 hour drive, good luck bud

  4. You were my favorite person at Lifelight SD, I went fan girl and you were the first one to sign my poster and my pink VIRGINITY ROCKS t-shirt. You are amazing!!! I love ya Justin C:
    – Your #1 PHAN EVER
    Hailey Wiest!!!!

  5. Sorry to hear you’re leaving, Justin… I can’t tell you how stoked I am that I was able to meet you and talk to you as much as I got to! Praying for you and Elizabeth… and your career! We’ll be missing you.

  6. we”ll all miss.U rule!and good luck

  7. Awww Justin, im happy and sad at the same time, im happy you’re going and doing something u love but im also sad because ur leaving =(( u will be missed i hope everything goes well for u and Elizabeth , ill be praying for u guys. Bye Justin =)

  8. sad to see you go 😦
    We’ll miss you….God bless you in everything else you undertake….i know He will!!

    • Christina (chrissy)
    • Posted January 2, 2012 at 7:22 PM
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    First Jeremi now you D: i was sad enough when Todd left.. awweh sadface.. the bands dissapearing one by one. I’ll deffinetely miss you! well. i saw you in consort three times and i got all 6 posers… so i have that! 😀 Very happy to know your getting married. I hope you guys do well! keep in touch.. ill message you on facebook everyone once in a while.. chow! — christina

  9. This is such bittersweet news! I remember the days when Justin was the new guy in the band! And I’m fortunate to have some of his lovely design tattooed on the back of my shoulder! Design is a great area for you to go into, Justin, and I’m sure you’ll be amazing at it! I’m also very happy for you and Elizabeth! :]

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