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That subject line may get me in a lot of trouble! It’s Halloween tonight and I know that a lot of Christian bands are getting some flack on their twitters and Facebook pages for posting about a holiday that a lot of people deem “evil”. I’d love to know your thoughts on Christianity and Halloween via the comments (please be respectful in your rants!)
I grew up trick-or-treating as a kid and carving pumpkins and stuff like that and have never associated it with evil, dark arts sorts of things.
I see that a lot of people have been citing the origins of Halloween as the reason that Christians should avoid it. Sure, a kid dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and scoring a pillow-case full of candy is miles apart from someone conjuring up spirits but the thought is that we should avoid anything associated with those origins.
At the same time, Christians do Yoga- the origins of which are base on the Hindu religion. Even though the intention is for them to exercise, relax and improve their flexibility should we also avoid Yoga because of its origins?
Just some thoughts I have.
I’d love to know what October 31 is like for you as a Christian.
Discuss 🙂



  1. “There’s got to be a Differance.” we go to church’s harvest festivals, harvest parties. with all the Happy Halloween posts and people saying Halloween is their favorite holiday. It is a pagan holiday that is about the spirit of Fear and death. Even children see this, witches, skeletons, skulls, spiders, blood, zombies. It makes me want to take a stand and not participate. 1 Corinthians 10 helped me a lot with any questions I had about Halloween.

  2. I don’t do Halloween pretty much cuz my parents say so.I use to a couple of years ago,but then my family got saved and started doin things differently.So yeh halloween is a holiday tht i certainly miss.

  3. My family doesn’t do trick-or-treating. Why? It just doesn’t make sense to us why you tell kids not to take candy from strangers 364 days out of the year, but it is randomly acceptable on October 31st. We decided to substitute it with flashlight tag and video games. 🙂

  4. In my opinion I think kids should dress up and go trick-or-treating on halloween (although there weren’t many this year…well for me). I remember when I was little never did it cross my mind that “oh im going to dress up for evil purposes and worship evil”. No I loved halloween, its nice to see people get creative and dress up and just have fun. My little cousin weren’t allowed to dress up in costumes this year because my uncle started going to a church where the priest or pastor told them that its wrong. Idk I understand the origins of halloween but dude your little kids just want have fun. If people don’t like the idea of going door to door then celebrate halloween in a local church that give candy away and have fun games for the kids.

  5. I don’t see why some people see it as “evil.” I see it as just another celebration. Of what? Of life I guess. I don’t really know why or how Halloween came about, but I’m not complaining. Most people think of the dead when they think of Halloween. I just think of Snickers and 3 Musketeers. Every year I convince my mom to buy more candy than we can possibly give out, and I get the rest 😛 I’m fat haha.

    As for my views on Christianity, now there’s a topic for discussion!!!

    I am not “officially,” Christian, as in I am not saved like my Christian friends tell me, but I’M NOT DUMB!! One thing that bugs me about Atheists and Non-Believers is this:

    How in the world can you look around at the beautiful earth, and say that this just happened. I KNOW there’s a god, and I know it deep within me. I see him every day. I see him in my family, my friends and in music. Church… not for me… yet… maybe sometime soon, but to be honest I find it rather boring and I always end up dozing off. I hope that’s not bad :/

    As for having a “relationship,” with God, ok. Maybe one day. My friends keep pushing me and pushing me, so alright. I’m totally open for it, just not now. Lemme sit back and relax knowing that I believe. Someday, maybe something more will come.

    Well I’ve went on for too long. Peace! Keep up the great music!

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