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Friends, I just finished watching one of the greatest, most intense baseball games in my 23 1/2 years of living. Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. Rangers over Cardinals 3 games to 2 (if Rangers win tonight, they win it all)…anyway if you have Facebook or Twitter you probably saw plenty of posts about all the terrible and amazing plays that went down. It was a roller coaster! I’m rooting for the Cardinals in this series, so there were plenty of times when all hope seemed to be lost, but they kept bouncing back, and finally in the bottom of the 11th inning, a game-winning home run by sir David Freese to straightaway center field. It was amazing. The game lasted until about 1 a.m., but me and my Dad stayed up until it was all over! Lots of fun. Can’t wait for Game 7 tomorrow. Whatever happens, I will remember Game 6 for a long time.

Well, Scotty and I rendezvoused on the internets today to bounce some song ideas back and forth. We are in the demo process right now, and there are a lot of good ideas churnin’…hopefully we can start playing some new stuff live soon!

I’ve been involved in an in-depth Bible study on the book of Joshua for the past couple months. My mom, fianceé, and brother are all participating as well. We are using a method called “inductive studying”, where every week there are worksheets and analyses of the text (homework, if you will), that offer all kinds of amazing insights into what God is doing throughout this book. Joshua is leading the Israelites into the promised land after Moses has died, and they have to spy out the occupied territories and fight many battles along the way. Some of the more famous stories from this book are the Battle of Jericho, where the Israelites marched around the city for seven days before God brought the walls down, and the story of Rahab, the prostitute who gave shelter to several of Joshua’s spies and, in doing so (showing great faith), saved her family from the destruction that was coming to her city. Anyway, it’s been really cool, and I’ve picked up on a lot of things that I never would have caught if I were just reading it on my own. God’s Word has many layers – it’s great finding new truth and inspiration in stories that you’ve known for years.

I hope you all have a great week. Check out these tunes, and watch Game 7 tomorrow night on FOX if you enjoy epic televised events.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Point of Extinction” by Motion City Soundtrack

2. “Voyager Reprise” by Surfer Blood

3. “Circles and Squares” by We Were Promised Jetpacks




  1. I’m SO upset the Rangers lost to the Cardinals…. it was a huge bum deal to me, and I was stinkin’ upset, but oh well. Can’t win all the time, eh? 😉
    I love hearing about what you’ve been reading in Joshua! That is excellent! What an awesome book it is, to be sure. I’d love to hear more about it!
    Hope y’all are doing a-okay.

  2. I can’t believe the Rangers lost.I was so hoping they would win.Even though Im a Yankees’ fan.Wooh GO YANKEES!!!!!!!

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