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Hi friends,

No i dont miss Summer. To the question I was asked the other day. Im so glad its getting colder. Jackets and more jackets is my motto.

Me and my pops have been riding bikes or attempting to morning bike ride but more times than many sleeping in has won over our favor. My dad loves to ride bikes and here lately has become a collector of 10 speeds.

Last night around 2 am, I took my older dog outside so he could do his business. I realized I had left my car windows down.” Thats just great” I said to myself. My windows don’t roll all the way up to begin with and I hate when its colder and the fog builds up on the inside windshield. Junky cars, what can ya do? Well as I opened my car and started rolling the window up, our big 15 pound cat named Mac, sat up from the backseat and his bell jingled and scared the living mess out of me. Poor guy he’s too big to jump up into the car. So my guess is he jumped on the hood and then had to maneuver his body into the car. Darn cats. I took him inside where he would freeze then he slept in a chair till probably 5 this evening.

Today Elizabeth my Fiance pushed off and skateboarded with me walking by her side, all by her self. Im proud as a teacher and her lover.

Well I hope you all have a warm week.



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