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Hey hey hey!

Sorry my blogs have been so few and far between lately. We’ve just had some time off and frankly my life is sometimes pretty uneventful while I’m home.

But being home does give us all a chance to get a few shifts in at work and make a little money to help out with bills and such. So I’ve been at this nursing home a few times since we’ve been home. It’s stays pretty uneventful there too, but i enjoy it.

I don’t really get to see the other Philmont guys or girl much while I’m home, but last night I got to hang out with Mr. Josiah Prince. He got me in at this gym where he is currently a temporary member and we played 5 or 6 games of racquetball. There are very few kinds of exercise that I enjoy, but disguise it as a game, and I’m all about it. Jo beat me every single time.. but I had a lot of fun. Now i just have to find a court closer to my house..

After we left the gym it was almost midnight and we drove down to a nearby Waffle House, ate and talked there for a little while before heading home. We do that a lot on the road and it was strange leaving and not walking to a hotel.

Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday!! I love that woman. You should all go find her on Facebook tomorrow and wish her a happy birthday. I would tell you what I got her, but since she reads my blogs, that would be silly of me.

Halloween is almost here!! Although I do love Halloween, I love the atmosphere of Halloween even more. I probably won’t be doing anything on Saturday night, but all of the decor and the weather and the color of the leaves.. It’s just my favorite time of year.

But I would like to be a zombie.

Lauren and I just started reading James together a few days ago. It’s a pretty powerful book and I recommend all of you dive into it. Even if just a little at a time. It’s wonderful.

That’s all for this week!


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  1. tell ur mom i said Happy Birthday. Hey im reading james too. IT is a a pretty powerful book.

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