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So this weekend I was traveling back to Nashville when the new iPhone 4s came out so I was unable to join the line-ride at 6am. Some people think that part is fun…like waiting outside a movie on opening night…not this guy. I value my slumber. So I was sure I missed out on the chance to upgrade my phone. A friend of mine works at the apple store in Nashville and texted me early the next morning to inform me that there was no iPhone line so I got my butt out of bed and drove down there with Brittany. It was great, we just walked right in!
I upgraded from the 3Gs and I’m so excited for this new toy! It may seem super lame and materialistic of me but when you travel as much as I do my phone becomes my life-line to the world as well as my means of doing work from the road.
The new features are rad. I’m stoked to have a better camera and I love the talk-to-type feature. I know you’re probably thinking, just call someone if you wanna talk, but it’s nice if I’m driving to be able to text someone back w/o actually typing. They also built in this software called “Siri” which is a computer you talk to. It’s like a super hi-tech magic 8-ball!
I’m back in Nashville and we let the Philmont schedule air out a bit this month so we could concentrate on writing and pushing out some solid new demos. Maybe we’ll start playing some of these songs live soon. I’m currently working on a short Christmas tour for December so that should be a lot of fun.
Talk to ya next week.


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  1. Today is my birthday and I bought all your music.I really love you guys. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get the new iphone.Thts pretty cool tht u got a upgrade.welp byes

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