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Hi friends,

Its here, well for some of us. Fall has arrived and Ive dusted off my jackets. Its a wonderful feeling. Im having to use my heat in my car when I drive at night, LOVE it.

This past week we were up in PA for a couple of shows. Our good friend Jon Montoya all the way from Phoenix Arizona filled in on drums. Good times were had. I had to pick him up from the airport and showed him around and gave him a taste of the carolinas. What better way than to stop by Cook-Out at midnight for some burgers and shakes. Its a favorite to many, but in moderation. Too much of that stuff will disable you.

Today me and my lady took a trip to the mall. I walked into a clothing store and ended up buying furniture. Sadly, they were going out of business and were selling tons of displays, racks and tables. I scored a pretty sweet coffee table for $20. Luckily we had driven a truck so I could bring it all home. Im pretty satisfied with my purchase. Elizabeth took a good chunk out of their clothing selections I should say. Girls….

So I hear that they are making a new season of Arrested Development along with the movie coming out. This excites me and I hope its true information. JRMz got us all into AD about a year ago and we all fell in love… with the show not him. So on the road we just watch episode after episode. We love television and some of the masterminds behind great shows.

Well its getting late and tomorrow is busy. Hope everyone is doing well and we miss every single one of you even if we havent met yet.




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  1. i hope one day i’ll met u. tht will be the best day of my life.

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