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I’m currently Nashville bound for 2 solid days of rest and relaxation! I’m very excited to be going home even if it is only for a couple of days. We have some more east coast shows this next weekend that I’m pretty excited about. We’ll have yet another drummer coming out with us. Hope he doesn’t hate us! 🙂
This weekend we got to visit the Hershey’s Chocolate Factory in Hershey, PA. It was rad. We took a ride/tour, watched a 3-D movie and then got to make our own candy bars. I haven’t had the heart to break mine out and eat it yet. Maybe this week?
A lot of our guys are excited for the cooler weather. I’m torn. I like some aspects of it but I also hate being cold. I’ll go ahead and jump on the “can’t wait for spring” train.
We’re working on new songs and hope to be able to start playing a couple of them out live as soon as we get this whole drummer thing finalized.
Hope you’ve had a great week. Comment and weigh in: are you excited for fall or no?


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  1. I am incredibly excited about fall! First: It means school is almost over. Second: It means I can start breaking out my TSO Christmas piano books. And Third: Warm meals taste better when it’s cooler outside.

    My piano teacher mentioned you guys contacted her church last week… I begged her to let you guys come!!!

  2. i like fall because then i get to wear cool sweaters and stuff 🙂 however, i also HATE being cold!

  3. im definately excited for the fall! its my fav season cuz its not to cold but not hot either. i just hope here in the Pa tht it doesn’t skip to did tht with spring to summer. i hop u guys get ur drummer thing sorted out.

  4. Personally, I’m dreadfully excited about fall. Maybe that’s ’cause I live in Texas where it’s about a billion degrees, even in October… maybe not? I’m sad that summer break is gone, haha! 🙂
    Saw the photos from Instagram from the factory! It does look like y’all had a rad time. 🙂 Hope you have an awesome time at home for a few days!

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