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So it’s been a long hard battle with the insurance company to get Burnie fixed. But three weeks of phone calls, emails and faxes are finally coming to an end with Burnie getting fixed! The issue is, there was enough damage that they wanted to call the bus “totaled” and they’d just cut us a check. This is no bueno because we love our bus and have poured so much time in getting it built out. Finally they wiggled the numbers a little in our favor and the mechanic begins work today! In addition, they’re going to paint it black for us! Now Burnie’s outer beauty will match his inner beauty!

The last couple of weeks, since the bus has been out of comish, I’ve been driving various rental vehicles. It started with a Uhaul truck, then progressed to a 15 passenger van and this week I’m driving around a huge RV. It’s nice to have SOMETHING to travel in but I’ll sure be glad to have our bus back!

I have fallen in love with Instagram. I know some of you have had it forever and it’s old news but my favorite tweets have always been ones accompanied by pictures— Instagram gives me that without all of the filler tweets of sports scores, movie quotes and retweets of people I don’t know and have no interest in following!
If you haven’t checked it out yet do so and find me and the rest of the guys on there. My user name is ScottyMcTaube.

Have a good week!



  1. I follow all of y’all on Instagram, haha! 🙂 Praying for Burnie to get fixed soon. That bus is amazing, to be certain.

    • Black Burnie – sounds like a Kravitz song :o) Glad things are working out for y’all :o)

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