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Hi friends

So what a trip this latest one has been. At first we thought September was going to welcome us very lovingly with a trip to the center of this great country. Well, with a few unexpected hick-ups along the way we made it to South Dakota for our first time at the great Lifelight festival that we’ve heard so many great things about.

Now, us in Philmont haven’t experienced too many fender benders or wrecks in our time as a band. Maybe a few blown tires or a couple hopped curbs here and there. The worse was back when our very own Josiah decided to pull away from a pump and cut it too closely and hit the guarding pole with the wheel of our brand new trailer and dented the fender in.

That was until this past Saturday morning when we we’re about to pull into the festival grounds off of a back country two-lane highway. Ironically enough, Josiah was at the wheel and it was a quiet morning. I was snoozing in my chair sitting in the back with Joshy. Everyone else was upfront as well. As we sat waiting to turn left due to oncoming 55 mph traffic, a piercing sound broke the silence. It was the sound of screeching tires.

For the 2 seconds it took my brain to register what was about to happen I determined that it wasn’t coming from the front. I could hear it behind me and my instinct told me to sit up straight and kick out of my usual lounge position. Before Joshy could get the words ” gun it Jo” out of his mouth, we we’re all thrown back into our seats. We had gotten rear ended.

After we figured out what happened within 10 seconds of making sure we were all okay we had jumped out of the bus in a panic. And would you believe that a flat bed tow truck carrying two vehicles had plowed right into the back of our poor trailer. We made sure the driver was okay and he was, just a little shaken up as we were too. We had to wait for the authorities to arrive as we paced back and forth on this little dirt road surrounded by nothing but corn, corn and more corn. We snapped a lot of pictures as we waited, all the while worried about what had happened inside the trailer.

Fortunately the trailer we had was too big for our needs, and almost all of our gear was packed on the opposite side of the back door. The trailer itself took most of the damage and was totalled in the process. All of our major gear was unharmed – guitars, amps, drums, were all fine. There was damage to a dozen or so of our cases (good thing we have those!), as well as some merch boxes and lights. All in all a few dozen things will need to be replaced…but we are able to play shows with what we have, so that is good!

Check this link for a few pictures of the incident.

Lifelight fest sent over some great folks to help shuttle every piece of junk we had in the trailer over to a safe place inside the festival. We said our goodbye to our 7×14 watched her as the wrecker loaded her up and drive away to the scrap yard.

We had a great time playing at the festival and meeting so many new friends that we nearly had forgotten our dilemma. We hope to be back next year and see all of our new friends again.

We rented a uHaul truck to put all our stuff in which means Philmont is now a rolling caravan with two vehicles all the way to Pennsylvania and down to N.C for the next week. Also we’re a Mont short. Joshy had to fly home for family purposes so say a prayer for him and his situation. Ill be playing the bass till he returns.

Have a better week than ours! 🙂




  1. Good grief, I’m glad y’all are okay. And by the looks of the photographs, the poor trailer looks dead… 😦 Glad you guys are okay. 🙂 Praying for Joshy, hope it’s not too serious… praying for safety on the road! Come back to Texas soon, ’cause we miss y’all already, AND the weather is getting cooler, believe it or not! 🙂

  2. i was there! u guys were so awesome im glad u made it

  3. I am so glad that you guys are all okay! I will keep praying for those angels to stay encamped around about you!

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