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The new iPhone is rumored to come out in September and I’ve very excited! I have the 3Gs and she’s getting a little old and slow and I’m due for an upgrade (literally). As part of my prep for the phone switch I was transferring a lot of the notes from my phone– about a hundred of them– so that I could save the important ones. Most of the notes are lyric ideas or song subject ideas so I’d hate to lose those. It was fun to read lines I had written a couple of years ago and had totally forgotten about. I plan to revisit a few of those songs this week.
Every now and then I’ll type up bible verses with notes or even sermon notes from a Sunday service. I came across some service notes that I want to share with you. To my knowledge it was from a visit to Mosaic church here in Charlotte before we moved but it revolves around the Peter walking on water story which is one of my favorites–mainly because I’ve heard so many great sermons taking so many different views on it.
Please excuse my stream of consciousness style here:
Walking on water- Matthew 14

not called to just service but also to participate.

walked all the way to Jesus before he began to sank.

instead of “good try” Jesus says “you have so little faith”

Each challenge in life is an invitaion to trust Jesus.

What’s your boat?- the thing you hold on to for dear life. The one thing you refuse to lose.
-relationship, quality of life, etc

What are the winds and waves in your life?
What thing do you face and immediatly head back towards your boat?
Criticism, failure, image, money?

What would happen if you stayed in your boat?
Become a practical athiest- believe but don’t act on faith. Don’t involve God in your decisions.

Peter stepped out because he factored God into his decision.

Stay in the boat too long and you becone a “self appointed savior”. We think we can remain in control and save ourselves. (control issues)

Faith becomes about getting whatever we need to get so we can control God.

Stop feeling like we need to have all the answers and be okay with having no idea.

Our faith cannot be founded on confidence to make things happen. Faith is having confidence when nothing is working out.

Hewbrews 11:38. “others” did not see miricals but had just as much faith as those who did. “they were too good for this world”

We need to surrender our whole life to him. Will be the most courageous thing we do.
Give up the boat/ security blanket.
You’ll never experience a miracle from the boat.
Just thought I’d share that with you guys this week.
I hope you can walk away with a new little nugget of truth from a bible story you’ve heard a million times before!

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  1. Hey scott its justin that sermon was very well put. It digs down deep to the heart. Hope You n your wife for doing well. Take care on the road with philmont. Later

  2. Wow that’s a pretty cool insight! Glad you were able to catch that “nugget of information”.

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