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Hey friends,

Sams here, Busy busy busy is the status ive been this week. Philmont gets off the road and I return home to so much to do! Busy is a good thing though but sometimes I wish there were 3 of me. I mean how cool would it be to have a daily meeting with your clones and brief each other about your schedule? I guess the future may hold some of this sci-fi-ness, who knows?! But dont one of you try to become more powerful than any of the others showing leadership because the other you(s) might take one of you out. But I Digress.

I recently took a trip to The Billy Graham library. If you don’t know who he is, he’s a longtime evangelist and true soldier of the kingdom of God. Billy Graham has been doing his thing since the 1940’s from age 21. He is a remarkable man who has overcome many obstacles with Christianity in the world as far as spreading the Word. It’s inspiring to see the works of this man. I encourage you if you’re ever in the south Charlotte area go check it out.

Welp, im going to spend some quality family time and go hangout! See everyone next week



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