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Good day to you all. I keep messing with this scab on my ankle that I got from load-in at a show a few weeks ago. I keep thinking that, by tampering with it, I will discover some way to make it less annoying / painful; so as I tamper with it and it becomes more annoying / painful, I tamper even harder! It’s cyclical.

Welp, in case you play guitar and don’t follow my Facebook updates too closely, pay attention to this. I am selling my pedalboard with custom flight case. The thing is a beast – Furman SPB-8 powered board that powers all your pedals in house (with clean, strong power). The flight case was custom built for me by Brady Cases. I have unfortunately come to the point where I am outgrowing the board and need more space. My loss is your gain! I will give you a great deal if you are interested. Send me a Facebook message.

In other news, there was a brief earthquake in our fine city of Charlotte yesterday. It originated in Virginia and rippled across a few states, but was essentially harmless. Of all the dumb luck, I was driving through come country roads at the time of the tremors, and didn’t feel a thing! Meanwhile all my friends who were not in transit got to be shook up! Not fair! It was relieving to learn that there was no real damage anywhere. Other coasts may have dangerous natural disasters, but not us! Like I always say – “East side, safe side!” In other other news, Hurricane Irene is fast approaching the Carolina coast…

I’m reading a book called “Physics of the Impossible” by Michio Kaku, one of the founders of string theory (a very important discovery in recent physics). The book explores the possibility of science-fiction-based technologies like teleportation, time travel, anti-gravity, etc… explaining how close we are to achieving these technologies, or if they are even possible at all. It’s a fun and simple read, and I am enjoying it. I am also reading the book of 1 Peter. Written by Peter. In the Bible. It is a good book.

So I am really excited about the end of September, because for the 5 weeks starting on September 27th, there are four albums coming out that I am highly anticipating. The new, long-awaited Blink 182 reunion album releases on 9/27. The following week, Jack’s Mannequin’s third album will be released. Then on October 11th, the new Deas Vail record comes out. And finally on October 25th, Brian Wilson will unleash his new album of…wait for it…covers of classic Disney songs. Seriously. I realize that it may end up being a little campy, but whenever BW is involved in anything, it is sure to feature plenty of beautiful vocal arrangements and great musical moments. So yeah, it’s gonna be a great season for music in Josiah Prince’s book. Also it won’t be a million degrees outside.

Have an excellent week! Listen to these songs.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “The Dark is Rising” by Mercury Rev

2. “Africa” by Toto

3. “Monechetti” by Further Seems Forever



One Comment

  1. I’m drooling over that pedalboard right now… If only money actually grew on trees!

    I was in French class at the time of the earthquake… I didn’t feel a thing, even with being so close to the starting point.
    As for Irene, I think I’m in the direct path right if it doesn’t turn east when it’s supposed to. Woohoo!

    I just finished 1 Peter last month. It’s quite a challenging book…

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