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Hello to all!

I’m writing to you today (late again) from Charleston, SC. I’m hanging out with Maggie while Lauren is in class. I guess you could say she’s babysitting me.

Fun fact: Where Maggie and I are sitting is in the very same place where Philmont played, and I met Lauren, almost a year ago.

Lauren is having her 21st birthday on Sunday so I came down to visit for a few days and her parents are coming to visit on Sunday too! I’m excited to see them, as I get to see them even less than I get to see Lauren..

I would tell you guys what I got Lauren for her birthday, but she reads my blogs and that would be the worst surprise spoiler ever.

I don’t know if you guys have been following up on Hurricane Irene, but it was originally supposed to come right through Charleston and now it seems to be heading more north. If you guys could keep that in your prayers that would be awesome. And maybe Irene will just head a different direction completely!

Someone buy Josiah’s pedalboard already so I don’t have to read about it anymore.
It’s a great board that he’s used for a long time. And he’ll give you a great deal!

Ok guys that’ll be all of my rambling for this week.. If any of you have Instagram or Twitter you can keep up with me daily by following @joshguion

I’ll see you next Tuesday!


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  1. hey,i love your blog,and just started reading it today.and about tht hurricane,it hit us hard in the Pa.everything was flooded;and the storm was pretty scary,but at the end of it all,evryone was ok.

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