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I’m riding shotgun right now heading to Nashville, TN with Britt and Mila. We’re going home for the first time in a month and a week. It blows my mind to think that when I first left on this trip the first stop was Jeremi’s wedding! That seems so long ago.
It’s been a great month. Got to play a lot of shows, make some new friends and reconnect with some old ones.
We had a show last night in Gastonia, NC to round out the trip and something cool happened. A young rocker approached me and let us know how we (and our music) had so positively impacted his life. I always love to hear that. It’s super encouraging especially after a long month of traveling and playing shows. The coolest thing of all was that he described his first Philmont show to us. He remembers it as the thing that really got him into music and being a Christian. I remember it as one of the worst shows we’ve ever played! It’s interesting to consider that while I was sulking and saying things like, “What’s the point of even being here” God was connecting our music to someone who needed to hear it. I love when stuff like that makes it’s way back to me- it keeps me in check! It’s not always about huge crowds or amazing lights and sound. It’s about the one person who needs to hear what I have to say.

I’ve got a week off before it’s back to the grind. Gotta soak up the off time!

See ya next week.
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