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Hello people,

Last few days in the biggest state ever! Were spending time at some good friends house, they’ve been so kind as to let us dudes crash and show us around. Every night we’ve been watching a different current scary movie. The first night we watched Insidious about the haunted boy. It was pretty good. The second night, lastnight, was a let down in my opinion with Wes Craven’s My Soul To Take. Terrible movie, I shook my head in disapproval the entire time. Tonight I hope to scream like a little girl with The Rite.

Yesterday us boys went to Hurricane Harbor at sixflags theme park. What wicked time we had. The lines weren’t terrible and the rides were impressive. We started big with twin slides that you go down on your back. Then we tried our hand at the stationary wave where you boogie board and if you wipe out you are at the mercy of the force of the water and spit out at the exit in shame. But it was so much fun and you loose all sense of things around you because it’s so loud. After about an hour of running from ride to ride because of the blazing hot pavement, we decided it would be worth wearing and holding our flip-flops. After that our day was just cramming as many rides as we could till we left. And in true Philmont fashion we forgot towels… After some what air- drying ourselves we left the park in the rearview mirror.


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  1. Gah the first time i saw Insidous i was scared for weeks. I hate scary movies. Im not a very good person to watch scary movies with cuz i will scream everytime somthing scary comes up. On the other hand, Hurricane Harbor is amazing i love that place if i could live there i would. 🙂 And dont worry i always forget a towel everytime i go 🙂 hahah.

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