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Hello again!

So today, our friends Lindsay, Tabitha, and Priscilla took us out to Arlington to visit the Cowboys Stadium and I’m not very big into football, but I had a really good time.

When we got there, the players were practicing, so we got to go sit down on the first row and watch them practice for a while. Which was pretty cool, Even for someone that doesn’t know the game very well.
After they left the field they opened it up to anyone who wanted to walk on, so naturally we all ran out so we could goof off. Priscilla had a football and let us clown around with it for a while and I’m sure everyone around could tell we’ve never played sports in our lives. But we had a good time.

I almost punted the football into a “$100,000 camera.” Said the gentleman who suggested I kick the ball in a different direction next time.

After we were finished with the field, they let us tour the players’ and the cheerleaders’ locker rooms which were pretty neat sights to see. Although we didn’t get to meet any players or cheerleaders.. Maybe next time.

I’m going to leave you with some pictures before I go, but before that, I had my first burger made from buffalo meat tonight! All of us, minus Scott and Britt, plus our good friend Chris Lopez from Outside The Camp (check them out if you haven’t before) went to a burger joint called Twisted Root tonight. And buffalo meat was just the beginning of the options for burgers that werent made from beef. Please Google it, it’s awesome. And the buffalo was great by the way.

Thanks for viewing guys! I’ll see you next Tuesday!










  1. One of the Cowboys cheerleaders (Tia) works with me…

  2. The Dallas Cowboys Satdium is a very cool place to visit in dallas. I didnt know they let you watch the players practice though, but either way thats cool. 🙂

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