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..Is an example of the game we have started playing on the road. The idea is to combine the plot of two movies, whose titles can seamlessly run together. But to play the game, after you think of the title, you announce the merged plot and see if anyone can guess your Movie.

“A group of juvenile dinosaurs in a post-apocalyptic setting spend their days fighting for their lives against the undead.”

ZombieLand Before Time.

That’s the only decent one I came up with. Let us know if you think of some and we’ll see if we can guess them!

In other news.. Texas is hot. Us, being from North Carolina are used to it being less hot, but much more humid. I think I prefer the humidity to these 107ish degree temperatures. I love Texas and all that inhabit it, but I’ve never been more excited to get back to NC weather.

We’ve made some great new friends while we’ve been out on this tour. And got to see lots of old ones. Our friends, Tabitha and Pricilla Vesga, and Lindsey Hicks have been taking good care of us so I wanted to send them a public “thank you.” And to the dudes in Outside The Camp who came and hung out with us at the show tonight. We’re all getting together for enchiladas very shortly and I couldn’t be more excited.

The show tonight was a lot of fun. A very laid back setting. Most of the people in the crowd were good friends of ours and after our set we came back on and played a couple of requests. It was a good time and if you didn’t come out, then you missed out.

That’s it from me for now, but I’ll post again on Tuesday! See you guys then.



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  1. hey Josh!! lol that games sounds pretty fun and pretty hard at the same time lol i tried to come up with my own to leave in the comment but i was drawing a total blank =O sad isnt it?? lol =P i hope u guys are having tons of fun but also staying cool in that Crazy heat =P i wish i could have seen the show but i live all the way in lil ol’ chattanooga TN =( oh well maybe ill get to see u guys in concert someday. u guys rock , later =)

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