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Hi friends,

Whew what a scorcher it has been down here in the great state of Texas. We’ve had many great shows and made many new friends and even been hanging with old Franz. Can you believe while we’ve been down here we haven’t seen a horse or ridden one yet?! Im hoping that changes and someone brings a pony to one of the last Texas shows we have this weekend.

Texas is experiencing one of the hottest summers since the late 80’s I believe. The other day we were stopped at a red light and saw a homeless man and could not believe he was standing out in the heat at the intersection around all those cars. It was really heartbreaking so we ended up giving him as much junk and most importantly bottles of waters as we could gather in the quick ten seconds we were stopped. Our bus Burney is holding up like a champ out here in 100+ degree heat. Even though the air conditioning isn’t the coldest we are staying somewhat comfortable.

Josh and Jo have started a goldfish throwing party in our hotel room so if any of our maids happen to read this I had no part of this devastation and Im sorry. I assure you all it will be tidy and all cleaned up.

Go to bed ya’ll, stay cool and stay in School.



  1. Hey, this is Amy, that girl that was chilling and playing some Beatles/Motion City Soundtrack with ya’ll tonight in Temple! Let it be known that I definitely have a horse, and I definitely would have brought her over if I had known that you wanted to see one! Next time you grace this area with your musical abilities I’ll probably ride her to your concert. Sound good?
    It was great meeting you all and playing some music! Good luck on your upcoming shows and travel safely! 🙂

  2. I’m glad Burney’s not been having problems! This heat has been knocking cars off the map since the summer began, haha… our car included. I hope you get to ride a horse before you go! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you guys again on Sunday.

  3. hey justin =D hope ur having a good time even though this heat is mind blowing lol even though its hot i still love summer cause ya get to go swimming and whats better then that lol =P hope u guys stay cool and have as much fun as possible =P later

  4. Wow can’t believe you guys haven’t seen a horse yet! You guys put on a great show Sunday night! Thanks for making my first show the bomb! Hope you guys don’t get in trouble Ha ha!

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