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Okay, maybe not in the wings. It’s more like the adjacent building where merch is set up. We’re at X-fest in Bedford, TX and we don’t go on stage for a couple of hours. Given how ridiculous the heat here in TX is, I’m very glad to be playing an indoor festival!
We’re going to be braving said heat for a couple of weeks playing a handful of shows here in Texas. See the full schedule on our Facebook page.

I’ve been addicted to Tic Tacs lately. Once I pop I can’t stop – I eat the whole container. It leaves me with great breath and a terrible stomach ache.

I started my own blog this week. I started one a while back and didn’t keep up with it. I think mainly because I felt the need to always post something meaningful and well thought out. This new venture is more about tour life with comments, updates and pictures from the road. Find it at

Welpst. I better stand back up and sell some merch!
Catch ya at an upcoming show!

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  1. Ooh, Tic Tacs! I used to love the orange ones… Then I would get really tired and cranky after eating them. I then learned that I was allergic to red and blue food dyes. Fun stuff!

    I’m praying for you guys as your tour Texas these next couple of weeks. We miss you all in Virginia!

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