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Hi friends,

It has officially started, Shark week has arrived. Nobody loves sharks more than my Elizabeth. The girl loves animals but is mesmerized by every single shark. One day I hope to make her dream of hugging a shark come true. So while she watches terrible reenactments and dramatizations I am making sure I have everything for our trip to Texas for a couple of weeks. I hate I gotta leave this shark loving brunette behind.

Last weekend we played in Sacramento, Ca. It was a great show with Chasen and Fireflight. Our good friend Jon Montoya filled in on drums. He killed it. We were only there for a day and a half and we did so much Im surprised I got enough sleep and adjusted to the time difference. Jo, Josh, Jon and myself went and watched Cowboys and Aliens which was pretty entertaining. Watching Jo’s head drop and jerk back awake was pretty entertaining as well. Poor fella was way too tired for a ten o’clock movie.

The time has come to pack up the laptop.

See ya next week folks!


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  1. Texas!

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