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Hey guys,
Due to flights and whatnot I missed my blog last week so I wanted to post real quick to assure you I hadn’t forgotten about you and to let you know about a cool story I heard today.
We were in Charlotte having band practice at the church I grew up at. We’ve been practicing there since Philmont started. The receptionist came out to tell me about a woman who walked in there a week earlier who had hit rock bottom and was having suicidal thoughts. She connected her to a pastor and they got to talk a good bit. When asked why she came to the church she told him a story about how she was walking her dog in the neighborhood a couple of years prior and heard our band practicing. She stopped outside for a while to listen. We must have seen her because we invited her in to listen. She stopped in to listen for a while. She said our kindness was what made her feel comfortable with coming to the church to ask for help in this time of need.
It’s pretty cool how God uses us even when we don’t know it’s happening! It’s even cooler when He lets stories like this get back to us years later- so encouraging!
Do something nice for a stranger. Sit with an outcast at school during lunch or on the bus. Pay for a stranger’s meal for no reason at all. Little blessing we bestow on other people can have such a huge lasting effect!
Be good! Talk to ya next week!
-Scott (twitter: @ScottyMcTaube)

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  1. Wow that’s amazing, sometimes all it takes is a smile to totally bring a person around. It’s the little things that make who you are, and the big things that change who you are.

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