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Hello again!

We’re back from the beach and I’m hanging out in uptown Charlotte with some buds.. Missing Lauren Balltrip though. We spent a whole week together at Ocean Isle Beach, NC with my family. It was the most time we’ve spent together consecutively, and we still aren’t sick of each other. She’s quite the gal.

Sunday, Lauren, David, Chelsey, and I drove out to Tennessee to visit the almost famous Twisting Falls. You have three different size cliffs to jump off of. One that’s about 25′, one right above that at about 30′, one that’s about 40′, and then one somewhere around 65′.
We did all of the ones except for the 65′ one. The landing was impossible to inspect so we decided to skip that one. But I did coax myself into diving off of the other ones. And I’m still sore.. But don’t go visit these great falls if you’re not ok with the most intense downhill hike of your life. And then an even more intense hike uphill when you’re ready to go home. It’s pretty rough.
But Chelsey and Lauren got some great videos and pictures and they’re up on my FB wall. Go check them out.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, I’d kind of like to hit the road with those Philmont guys (and girl) then this blog is for you.
Jeremi Hough just got married and has decided to pursue his marriage being home full time. A very respectable decision.
That being said. We are going to need a new drummer. If you are interested, shoot some video of you covering our songs:
The Difference
Back down.
And email them to and we’ll go from there.

We’re looking forward to watching your submissions and chatting a bit.

Anyway.. That’s enough rambling from me. You guys go get some sleep.

I’ll see you next Tuesday!


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  1. I really hope ya’ll are still looking im almost done with mine it should be done by this weekend!

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