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Hello every one of you. I have space news.

There is a comet out there, named Elenin, that is going to be passing very near to the Earth in just a few months! It was discovered by an amateur astronomer this past year, and it’s getting close enough now that pretty much everyone has confirmed the path of its orbit. It will be passing between Earth and the Sun, then it will come very close to the Earth itself. This has caused many, hm, “underground researchers” to speculate about the potentially disastrous effects it could have on the world. A lot of people also credit Elenin with causing some recent natural disasters due to certain alignments. Here is a video showing its path and describing the effects it has allegedly had on Earth.

Not very comforting, eh? And this is just a few months away! Now, in order to be fair about this issue, here is a link to a professional article debunking some of the claims that have been made about Elenin.

I guess we can’t know for sure what will or won’t happen in September/October, but I want you all to be informed because I do believe that as Elenin gets closer, there may be a lot more rumors, predictions, and fear floating around as people hear about it. So here is your chance to educate yourself, do your own research, and establish an opinion (or don’t!) so you won’t be pressured to buy in to whatever is shouted at you from various sources when the time draws near.

As for me, I plan on camping on a mountain with a sleeping bag and a telescope for the weeks leading up to the comet’s arrival, thus being first in line to be carried away on its tail. But first I must purify myself…where is the hand sanitizer?

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Up All Night” by Blink-182

2. “If I Were a Boy” by Beyonce

3. “Don’t Forget to Write” by Burlap to Cashmere



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