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Hello franz,

I hope everyone out there is doing great! Philmont is home for some rest and relaxation. Josh is at the beach and we all wish we were as well. Jeremi is getting wedded this weekend to his lovely lady Brit. Were very happy for those two. Were very excited next month to get down to Texas and see some great friends. We even might hit up the very popular Schlitterbahn water park. Its going to get crazy, prepare yourself Tejas!

Last night I tattooed myself. Well actually I just touched up my existing tattoo. Inflicting pain like that to yourself is not easy to do. I had the help of my lovely lady Elizabeth. She had to pull my skin tight since I only had one arm basically to do everything. She really doesnt like needles so high five to her for watching intensively at everything I was doing.

Big shout out to Shandi and Kendsay Reynolds and their awesome family. We stored our trailer on their farm when we came home last week because we were returning to the area the very next week. When we picked it up the guys of the family decided they could fix our trailer lights or lack-ther- of. So while Jo, Josh and myself talk and ate all their hot dogs their dad, uncle, and half the family were working very hard in the dark! It was a great time.

Texas prepare yourself, Philmonts coming to town.

Have a great week!


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  1. When will you guys be here? I want to see you all again! Are you playin’ any shows?

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