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What’s up?!

I’m writing to you from the end of a pier on Ocean Isle Beach in NC. My family and my mom’s sister’s family drove out here and are staying for a week for vacation. We’ve already been here a couple of days and it’s been pretty calm and relaxing. So nice.

Today we went deep sea fishing out on the Starship and I caught three small fish. I don’t remember what kinds they were, but there will be pictures up soon. Lauren caught some seaweed!

Tomorrow the two of us are taking a little road trip up to Holden Beach, which is where Lauren’s family has always taken their family vacations. She’s going to show me around and take me to ride some water slides they have down there! And we’ll grab some lunch and hit the beach out there too. She’s a pretty great boogie-boarder. Just sayin’.

We’ll be hanging out on the East Coast until Saturday and I dont have my phone on me most of the time (because of my track record for accidentally taking phones into the ocean via my board shorts’ pocket) so if you can’t get a hold of me, that’s why.

Well this pier also has a arcade at the entrance so we’re gonna go hit that up, but I hope everyone had a great week!

I’ll see you next Tuesday!


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