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First of all, let me say that “guess what” is not a question.

Why put a question mark on something you’re telling me to do?
You wouldn’t say, “Josh, clean your room?”


Today my mom and I took a little day trip down to Savannah, GA. I’ve been there a couple of times before with the band I played in pre-Philmont, but never got to go explore at all.
We didn’t get to do a whole lot because, like I said, it was only a day-trip. But we had a lot of fun. Our first stop was at this really old restaurant my mom (and now I) loves called The Pirates’ House. Built in the 1700s. Not only is it the oldest house in Georgia, it very well may have the best food. It’s good southern-style cookin’. If you’re ever in the area, I recommend it.
Then we walked down through all of the shops by the river, where I met a band called A Farewell To Arms, who happened to be playing a show in Savannah tonight. Sadly we left before the show, but I’m sure it was great.
Then I broke out in hives on the back of my arm, went to CVS, bought some allergy medicine, and started home. The hives eventually faded and I was knocked out within 30 minutes.

Sunday, Lauren and I made the closest thing to Heaven this world has to offer (hyperbole). Homemade, nutella-filled French toast, with homemade strawberry maple syrup. Want your mind blown? Google that recipe. I’ll put a picture of mine at the bottom of this blog.

Also, Lauren, my family, and I took part in my very first dirt track race. You might be thinking, “Hey man, how have you never been to a dirt track race even one time in your life?” I have no excuse.
It was so cool though. A bunch of shirtless people screaming at the cars every time they drive by. And so much dust/dirt flying at me after each lap my clothes were a nice brownish, reddish, color by the time we left.
I made a couple of friends though.. The first was a nice gentleman who suggested the next time we come out, to bring safety glasses. I guess he could spot the n00bs. Though it wouldn’t be hard, since we were the only ones not in camo.
And the second was a young man that wanted to know how my head wasn’t hot in the beanie I had on.. While his shirt was tied around his neck.
We really did have a blast and I’m sure we’ll be back out there soon. With safety glasses and ponchos.

July 3rd was my parents 29th anniversary! Congrats to them. I love those guys.

I got the new Taking Back Sunday record and it’s amazing.

Well, the drowsiness from the allergy medicine round II is kicking in, so ima let it do it’s thing.


See you next Tuesday!!
Click my face.


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  1. Sounds like your family is OFF THE HOOK!!!! haha. We sure do know how to have a good time, don’t we? I’ll try to think of some other fun stuff to do. You know me, always looking for clean, cheap fun! And thanks for the anniversary wishes. We love you too!

    As far as the whole question mark thing, I’m still thinking on that one. lol.

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