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Hey there boys and girls and animals (we here at Philmont do not run a species-discriminatory blog – all creatures are welcome) [plus, one could argue that we are all animals…], hope you all are enjoying the heat of summer. And I don’t know about you, but gas prices have been noticeably dropping here in the Carolinas recently and we are all praising the Lord! I’m back to filling up for under $40, which is great.

Josh and I played for my friends’ wedding this past weekend (congrats to Brandon and Diana Doss!), and I must say we make a pretty good wedding band/duo. I played piano and he played acoustic guitar. We might just start putting up ads around town and see if we get any bites! Weddings are fun!

On Monday, Heather and I went to Carowinds [the awesome amusement park that straddles the NC/SC border], and had a coaster marathon. I love roller coasters, even if they do occasionally (and inconsistently) make me nauseous – but Monday was not one of those days. The highlight was the newest coaster in the park, the Intimidator, which, despite being named and designed in honor of Dale Earnhardt, I love. It is the tallest, longest, and fastest coaster in the Southeast, and the coolest part is: it doesn’t go upside down (let me finish), THUS the seats do not have shoulder restraints of any kind. The only thing holding you down is a lap bar while you barrel down the first hill at 80 mph. It’s pretty amazing. We are going back on Sunday.

This coming Monday we shall celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence which essentially birthed our free nation. All that historical stuff aside, I’m looking forward to some picnicking and fireworks. My family always goes to a local country club where everyone sets up chairs and blankets on one of the fairways and hangs out for a few hours before the sky show begins. It is always a great time! And for the record, I do realize how blessed I am to have been born in this country where I am, globally speaking, very wealthy and free. While I may not always agree with or feel the strongest support for certain government entities, I know that there is no perfect nation out there, and that the living conditions in most countries are much worse than ours. So I thank God for our founding fathers, and for putting me on the land I am on. And for prepositions that we can end sentences with.

Have a wonderful week, and eat plenty of fruit!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Whirring” by The Joy Formidable

2. “Sixteen” by Deas Vail

3. “Sparks Against the Sun” by Thursday



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