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There truly is no place quite like home. After being on the road for two and a half weeks as well as spending time visiting with both Britt’s family and mine I’m finally back in Nashville. I like to believe that I have the best mattress in the world and it was so nice to be able to fall face first into it and catch up on some rest! I have to really soak it up too because I’m only here through Thursday then it’s off again. This time it has nothing to do with Philmont though. I’ll be heading up to Michigan to visit with a whole bunch of my family. My grandpa owns a house on a small lake and we all try to meet up there once or twice a year to catch up. Since I’ve started touring I don’t get to go up there as often as I’d like so I’m very excited that it worked out this summer.
I have so many great memories from my childhood involving that place so it’s always nice to revisit. In addition I love to fish though it’s probably been a couple of years since I’ve had the chance so I’m very much looking forward to reeling some big ones in.
One strange tradition that my family has over the Fourth of July weekend is that we have a turtle race. It’s something that one of my uncles started over 20 years ago and we still do it every summer. Basically we go out on the lake and catch a bunch of turtles. We bring them back to the house and tape numbers to their shells. All the kids there get to pick out their turtle and name it. We then put them under a bucket in the middle of a giant circle outlined with rope. Once the bucket is lifted the race is on! First turtle to completely cross the rope wins. There are ribbons and prizes and pictures then the turtles are released back into the lake. A part of me likes to believe they train all year for their chance to take home the blue ribbon.
I’ll try to get some pictures of the festivities for my blog after that trip.
June was a fun month of shows- we stayed very busy. July, however, is the opposite! Since we’re taking some vacation time and Jeremi is getting married and going on his honeymoon we’re only playing a couple of shows.
As always I’ll list them at the bottom of my blog.
Hope to see you at an upcoming show!

Also, I finally posted a behind the scenes look to our music video “Closer”. Check out the video below and, if you haven’t yet, watch the music video on our YouTube Page!

Upcoming Shows

Saturday July 9th – Oshkosh, WI
The Edge Mainstage @ 11:15am

Sunday July 10th- Crawfordsville, IN
Harvest Fellowship Church
1618 West 500 South
Free // Doors at 5:30

Saturday July 16th – West Lafayette, IN
Youth 2011 @ Purdue University

Saturday July 30th – Sacramento, CA
Youth 2011 @ Sacramento Convention Center

We’ll be posting some August dates very soon. A lot of TX stuff so get excited!

See ya next week


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  1. Awesome, I wanna do a turtle race now.

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