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Hello friends,
I’m writing to you this morning from a nice, warm, squishy bed in Naperville, IL.
This is one of our home-away-from-homes. We’ve got a couple of those around the country. Basically they’re places that we stay at and feel so super comfortable that we can let our hair down and just relax. When we hit Naperville (or any show near Chicago) we stay with the Hill family and that’s where we are now.
I was up fairly early, got a bunch of emails knocked out and now I’m ready to tackle the day. I think me and Britt are going to stroll down to downtown Naperville (a short 2 miles away) and kill some time. Tonight we have a show about an hour away in Orland Park, IL. It’s at The Bridge Teen Center so if you’re not in high school, don’t bother showing up cause they won’t let you in. If you live in the area and wanted to come out to the show but are not in high school, look at our schedule (below) and check out the show on Monday- it’s not too far away and it’s an all-ages gig.

After the show tonight we’ll need to start driving to Ichthus Fest in Wilmore, KY. Please pray for safe travels and good weather! The weather at that festival is always sketchy! We’re very excited to get there and play for the 4th year in a row. We always see lots of familiar faces and have the opportunity to meet tons of new friends.

So I’m working on the behind the scenes video for our music video “Closer”. To hold you over until I finish that project I posted a new video blog using some old footage I dug up. Check it out:

As always here’s a look at our upcoming shows. Do your best to make it out!

Upcoming Shows

June 17
Orland Park, IL (outside of Chicago)
The Garage @ The Bridge Teen Center
15555 S. 71st Court
7:30pm // $5*
Teen venue so ONLY kids grade 7-12 allowed to attend. It’s free if you’ve filled out a “Student Membership Application” in advanced. (
*If you fill it out at the door there’s a $5 cover charge.

June 18
Wilmore, KY
Ichthus Festival
Deep End Stage

June 19
Elkhart, IN
Trinity Lutheran Youth Ministry Center
425 Massachusetts Ave
6:15pm // donation to local ministry

June 20
Crownpoint, IN
7007 East 117th Avenue
6:00pm // Free

June 21

See ya next week!


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