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Hi kid-os,
Sorry I missed you on the blog-o-sphere last week.
This week has been awesome. We’re finally back out on the road and playing shows. It’s nice to have a couple weeks of shows for a change vs the now more typically one off shows we’ve been doing. The start of this tour has us all over Florida. The weather’s beautiful and the shows have been really fun.
Before we left for tour my mom gave me a book she had just finished. It’s called “Heaven is for Real”. It’s the account of three and a half year old Colton’s trip to Heaven. He was having a major emergency surgery and shouldn’t have pulled through and later made some very remarkable comments about his time “outside of his body”. It’s an incredible book for skeptics and believers alike. Definitely check it out!
Yesterday was mine and Britt’s 4 year wedding anniversary. I planned a couple of small surprises which is nearly impossible since we spend almost every minute together! Towards the end of our set I called her in from the merch table and me and the boys played “The Last Song I Sing” for her. It’s her favorite Philmont song and it’s a love song so it worked out great. We don’t typically play this song live so we had to figure out an arrangement and practice up at our Pre-tour practice. After that we couldn’t play it again for fear that she would catch wind of our scheme. It was nerve racking to play the song underrehearsed but it worked out just fine. Later at the hotel I set up a makeshift candle-lit dessert for us complete with cake and sparkling grape juice. Big thanks to my buddy Rob at The Call FM for doing the bulk of my sneaking around on this project! It was super special in a weird, quirky way.

Today, due to my tour planning fail, we’re driving up to the pan handle from Fort Myers for a show. Tomorrow we’re back down in Naples! (google map it and you’ll understand)
If you’re in Florida try to make it out to one of the remaining shows! It’ll probably be October until we get back down here!
I’ll list the shows below.
See ya next week. Until then you can follow my updates on twitter: @ScottyMcTaube

Upcoming Shows

June 11
Quincy, FL
Thomas memorial Baptist Church
1001 West Washington Street
7:30pm // $TBA

June 12
Naples, FL
Center Point Community Church
6590 Golden Gate Parkway
6:30pm // FREE

June 17
Orland Park, IL (outside of Chicago)
The Garage @ The Bridge Teen Center
15555 S. 71st Court
7:30pm // $5*
Teen venue so ONLY kids grade 7-12 allowed to attend. It’s free if you’ve filled out a “Student Membership Application” in advanced. (
*If you fill it out at the door there’s a $5 cover charge.

June 18
Wilmore, KY
Ichthus Festival
Deep End Stage

June 19
Elkhart, IN
Trinity Lutheran Youth Ministry Center
425 Massachusetts Ave
6:15pm // donation to local ministry

June 20
Crownpoint, IN
7007 East 117th Avenue
6:00pm // Free

June 21

-Scott 🙂

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