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You know the saying “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, its yours” ? Well that was the case this past weekend with a little hyper pup I named “Obi – wan”. Elizabeth’s older brother had this young shaggy terrier mix pup show up at his house one day last week and did everything they could to find this little guy’s owners. He had a nice blue collar so he must have belonged to someone. There was no name on the tag just his rabies vaccine ID. So I got to spend a little bit of time with the little fella. He could sit and shake and loved to run. I though it was heaven sent. Since I still live at home my sister Kaitlyn and I were working hard to persuade the parental units. Until last night, I found out that his owners saw a flyer hanging up and took back my beloved Obi- wan. Im glad he is found though and his owners seem like great people. Also his real name is Marley. So I dont know if somehow he shows back up I’ll know its meant to be.

Philmonts gearing up to head out on the road. We’re heading to the Gulf coast and parts of Florida. I dont know why on earth we would want to go to Florida during the summer except to see all our great friends and get a tan. Im taking nothing but swim trunks and water guns. Its going to be a scorcher.

Our buddy and former drummer Todd Davis became Mr. Todd Caulder. Wait I think Sarah became Mrs. Sara Davis. Anyways it was a great festivity with a lot of people we dont know and great country club food we could never afford. Im happy for them both and wish them well for their future.

Time for work…again.

Have a great week!


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