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Happy Monday everyone.
I’m usually the weekend blog guy but I can’t find the power supply for my time machine so you’ll just have to deal with a Monday blog from me.
This weekend was fantastic because I actually got to spend it in Nashville with Britt and Mila just hanging out! Since we travel a lot with the band and to visit our families in Atlanta and Charlotte we’re not usually here on the weekends. As a matter of fact it looks like the next weekend I’ll have off here won’t be until either the end of August OR the end of September! So needless to say I had to do my best to soak this one up. Since it’s Memorial Day I’m doing a little extra soaking today. We spent most of the weekend just hanging out and going to the park with Mila. Britt and I even had a hot date night at The Olive Garden (don’t hate, that place is delicious!) As many of you know Philmont’s former drummer Todd Davis got married this weekend! We’re all so excited for him. Make sure you hit him up on twitter with a congrats. He’s on his honeymoon but he’ll see it when he gets back in the country: @ToddSDavis .
Since the other guys live in Charlotte they were all able to make it out to the wedding so I’m sure they’ll fill you in on all the juicy details.

I was finally defeated (twice actually) this week in Words with Friends taking my record to 12-2. I don’t attribute my many victories to my vast vocabulary or general awesomeness at Scrabble-esque games—mostly just to dumb luck! Thanks for playing. I’m not going to give out my WWF handle on here though because I’ve got like 30 games going on already and it’s a lot to keep up with!!! You guys should definitely find Josh Guion though! He just learned the ins and outs of the game about a week ago and he’s doing awesome!

I’m pushing some old gear out the door to make room for some new gear! Justin sold off my old bass cab for me (why do I own a bass cab? At the time Philmont needed one and the price was right! I’m an opportunistic shopper) so now I’ve got a couple of bones to throw at a vocal stomp box! I’m pretty excited. It’s a unit I can run from stage that will allow me to add some cool distorted effects to my voice in parts of our songs (much like they are on the record. For example V1 of The Alchemist). In addition I’ll be able to add some nice reverb to my voice without having to rely on the sound guy to do so.
All in all I’m pretty excited! Since I’ve moved from guitar to just singing there isn’t much gear out there for me to get excited about anymore.

We have a LOT of upcoming shows in June. I’ll list them all at the bottom of my blog. We’re always booking so if you think your church should have us in just have your youth pastor email us: and we’ll set something up!


June 5
Burlington, NC
St. Marks Church
1230 St. Marks Church Rd
5:30 // $5

June 8

June 9
Jacksonville, FL
First Baptist Church of Macclenny (Family Life Center)
372 S. 6th Street
6:45 // $5 adv, $7 door

June 10
Fort Myers, FL
Riverside Church
8660 Daniels parkway
7pm // $8 or $5 for groups

June 11
Quincy, FL
Thomas memorial Baptist Church
1001 West Washington Street
7:30pm // $TBA

June 12
Naples, FL
Center Point Community Church
6590 Golden Gate Parkway
6:30pm // FREE

June 17
Orland Park, IL (outside of Chicago)
The Garage @ The Bridge Teen Center
15555 S. 71st Court
7:30pm // $5*
Teen venue so ONLY kids grade 7-12 allowed to attend. It’s free if you’ve filled out a “Student Membership Application” in advanced. (
*If you fill it out at the door there’s a $5 cover charge.

June 18

Wilmore, KY
Ichthus Festival
Deep End Stage

June 19
Elkhart, IN
Trinity Lutheran Youth Ministry Center
425 Massachusetts Ave
6:15pm // donation to local ministry

June 20

Crownpoint, IN
7007 East 117th Avenue
6:00pm // Free

June 21

See ya at the show(s)!



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  1. Hope you and Britt REALLY enjoy your down time with Mila :o) And seriously at this point in time I am thinking it may be quicker for me to start a church and bring you guys (and girls) here myself rather than convince the powers that be :o)

    Since you gave up the guitar – ever think of taking up the accordian?? Keep your hand busy ;o)

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